Lomi Lomi Nui  course

The course focuses on the Hawaiian bodywork, the Lomi Lomi temple massage, Kahi Loa (the massage of the elements) and the hula, which constitutes the basis for the movements of the masseur around the table. We look at the human body map to understand how it accumulates and releases tension. We perform exercises that restore the free flow of energy in our body so that we can help others better.

The basic course of the Lomi Lomi massage consists of five meetings (one weekend per month).
The price of one meeting: 400 zł.

Those who complete the course for beginners will be able to take part in Susan Pa`iniu Floyd’s course, Susan Pa`iniu Floyd,a Hawaiian teacher.

Najbliższe terminy kursu Lomi Lomi Nui w Warszwie:

7-8     april 2018 r.
2-3     june 2018 r.


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