Balinese massage

Would you like to feel your body unite with your soul? I invite you to a unique Balinese massage, during which you will achieve a unique state of harmony - all thanks to the improvement of blood flow, thanks to which you can relax.

Balinese massage, also known as Indonesian, is one of the oldest relaxing treatments. It combines alternative medicine - acupressure, Ayurveda, aromatherapy and reflexology. Massage takes place lying down - on a comfortable mattress or on a soft mat. Before I start the relaxation treatment, I prepare essential oils with pleasant, soothing scents, thanks to which the client can calm down and enjoy the pleasant aromas.

The oils also improve blood circulation during the massage, which improves metabolism. All this so that you can achieve a state of relaxation. The skin is kneaded, smoothed, rubbed and rolled - I thoroughly stimulate each muscle. I focus on specific points on the body.

Advantages of Balinese massage

Are you wondering what are the main benefits of Balinese massage? Check why it is worth signing up for an Indonesian massage:

  • relaxes the muscles and relieves tension,
  • improves blood circulation and metabolism,
  • relieves pain in muscles and joints, migraines, headaches,
  • reduces stress,