Pregnancy massage Warsaw Center

Pregnancy is a special time for every mother. You experience strong emotions and adaptive changes take place in your body that prepare the body for the needs resulting from the development of pregnancy and for childbirth. Nausea, stress, fatigue, swelling, as well as pain in the legs and spine may appear. The pregnancy massage that I practice in my office is mainly aimed at relieving pregnancy symptoms, soothing nerves, adding energy and improving well-being. The convenient location will allow you to conveniently travel from the center of Warsaw or to visit the place on the way back from shopping or work.

Prenatal massage - relief for overloaded parts of the body

During pregnancy, the Ma-uri massage can be performed, which has its roots in the breathtaking natural and spiritual beauty of Polynesia. Ma-uri massage is intended for women from the fourth week of pregnancy. During the massage, the woman is lying on her side, in a fetal position, and all activities are carried out with caution. The massager smoothly moves his hands over the body, focusing on the most stressed and swollen parts. The treatment allows you to feel pain relief and to relax mentally. Soothing, exotic music plays in the background throughout the duration of the massage.

Is massage during pregnancy safe?

Pregnancy massage is not associated with any risk in the case of a physiological pregnancy, and even helps to relieve pain, improves psychological comfort and serves to deepen the bond between mother and child. In the event of a threatened pregnancy, the decision about massage should be preceded by a consultation with a doctor.