Most popular massages

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage


Lomi lomi massage is an extremely effective kahuna healing massage. It is a spiritual massage, always preceded by a prayer for healing. It works profoundly on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres. Through touch, massage and rubbing oil it releases tension and deep blockages and improves relationship with oneself and with other people. It is a symbol of acceptance and kindness for the other human being as well as an expression of unconditional love in its purest form. We should take good care of our body, because it is only in a relaxed and healthy body that our soul and spirit can develop. We feel joy and lightness. A sick body is a burden.

Excessive body tension can lead to the rise and persistence of bad moods and negative thinking. After the massage, we see the world in brighter colours. In this way, systematic massage can stimulate a transformation of the mind and personality by relieving chronic stress. We can free ourselves from our limitations and we become more aware of what is happening around us. We can find the path to our own selves.

masaż lomi lomi nui


Ma-uri Massage


It comes from the Polynesian healing systems. Ma-uri denotes the energy of the earth.

Developed by Hemiego and Katie Fox in 1990, since then it has spread in Europe.

It is a full body massage, pleasant in reception, relaxing and relieving tension. It removes ailments of the skeletal system such as joints, spine and muscle pains. However, it can also have a much wider effect. It gives a strong energy boost enhanced by the energy of the dance and the sounds of the carefully selected tunes which restores the natural flow of life energy.

Through the movement of the lymph, the massage stimulates the cleansing of the body of deposits and toxins, gives deep physical and mental relaxation, relieves persistent discomfort: circulatory, respiratory, nervous and musculoskeletal. The Ma-uri massage effectively fights stress, anxiety, depression and boosts energy level making people more operative. The MA-URI massage enables you to reach your interior, raise your self-awareness and love your body, which is the essence of our power to heal ourselves. During the massage, you may often discover deeper, more inner feelings involving another, fuller perception of your body and consciousness.

It initiates the body’s self-healing process at all levels of existence (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) by removing energy and emotional blockages as well as tension caused by stress. It restores psychophysical harmony, joy of life and the will to act.

Mauriora Massage

It is a reflexive massage of the face, head, hands and feet. Mauriora means energy of life and health.

By stimulating reflexive points, it affects the functioning of internal organs – eliminating pain, restoring health and well-being.


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Hot Stone Massage


The Hot Stone Massage gives a deep feeling of relaxation and tranquility.. It helps relieve stress which has accumulated in the body, reduces fatigue and muscle tension as well as has a positive effect on the circulatory system.

Stones – volcanic basalt warmed in a special heater; used to massage the body.

The Hot Stone Massage is mainly based on massaging. The treatment does not only involve laying the stones on the customer’s body, but the heat of the stones relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation which makes the massage more intensive. When the stones have cooled down, they can again be changed for warm ones.


The Massage affects:

masaż kamieniami

the Skin

  • facilitates skin breathing,
  • improves skin nourishment,
  • accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph in the skin vessels,
  • improves skin elasticity and firmness, and consequently appearance,
  • helps to fight cellulite.


the Nervous System

  • calms and relaxes,
  • relieves stress.

the Muscle tissue 

  • increases the ability of muscles to work,
  • improves muscle tone and elasticity,
  • regenerates after prolonged exercise.


the Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems

  • improves the functioning of the systems (exercises vessels),
  • facilitates the outflow of venous blood,
  • relieves the heart by reducing blood resistance in the arteries


Mauri Pregnancy Massage


Ma-uri Pregnancy Massage is dedicated for women from the beginning of the pregnancy up to the day of delivery. Massage relieves tension accumulated in the body of a pregnant woman, bringing relief to overloaded parts of the body and providing mental relaxation. The massage is performed on a woman lying on the side. The lateral position of the body allows easy access to such parts of the body as the pelvis and lower back parts in the sacral part, which for pregnant women are heavily loaded. Massage helps to free the flow of water in the legs, them from the feet up to the pelvis. Abdominal massage is an essential part of pregnancy massage, it allows for gentle massaging the baby in the womb and physically enhances the feeling of connection between a woman and her child.


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