A wonderful experience, perfect for improving mood and state of mind, building and giving a willingness to live, pushing away all worries and troubles aside. Perfect relaxation, thank you.

Well, as usual, the most wonderful relaxation, hands that bring relief to the body and soul, help to get through all the difficulties and give faith in a better tomorrow. And Mrs. Hania - just good, wonderful man emanating optimism, joy of life, the most....

Mrs. Hanka's Massage is wonderful. 
Mrs. Hanna has a great sense of not only the body, but also emotions. 
I highly recommend the Lomi-Lomi massage, which allowed me to unlock physical and emotional blocks .

Simply fantastic! Thanks a lot. A very, very kind and naturally hospitable team.

I would recommend! Full professionalism, individual approach to the customer, a team full of smile - until you want to come back!

I would give all the stars from heaven only if I could. I have no words. As always, great, kind, warm. With the care and healing touch of Hanna Kraszczyńska! After yesterday's massage I feel like I got new feet, a new body. But not only. Today, the glass is half full. Priceless contact, which in the most difficult moments helped me to wake up again in the morning with joy. Thank you with all my heart!

I broke leg 3 months ago. After visiting body & mind on the first day of my honeymoon, I feel like I can walk normally for the first time. They listened about my injury and were able to tailor a treatment to my needs exactly

Body, mind and soul - everything you need to achieve the fullness of relief and relaxation will be reached by Mrs. Hanka's hands in the first 10 minutes of the lomi lomi massage. Then the massage turns into a unique
(un)real sense of energy penetration inside and around you. World Championship ;-)

Deilig massasje, hyggelig betjening, bra utvalg av behandlinger

usługa: Masaż głowy, twarzy, szyi i dekoltu / Face, head, neck and neckline massage

Just fantastic! Thanks so much. A very, very polite and naturally hospitable team.

I highly recommend Lomi-Lomi Nui Massage 4 hands, which I experienced a few times at the ”Body&Mind Massage by Hanka Kraszczynska” at the Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. It is a stunning massage performed by the fantastic duo - Hanka and Iga. Incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and for me, also profoundly touching. 90 minutes you will never forget. Two hands of Hanka were always great, but four hands of Hanka and Iga are just mind-boggling and unforgettable. It forces you to give up all the tensions.
If you are a sensitive person, it will take you on a journey in which you may experience all kinds of sensations such as feeling loved and needed, being admired and respected, experiencing touch which may remind you even your mother’s loving touch. It may make you crying or laughing but undoubtedly speechless. This whole body massage is like no other I knew before, and I had a lot across the globe, including Lomi-Lomi in other massage parlors in different countries. Sadly, it has never come even close to what Hanka Kraszczynska is offering. There is the only downside of it - the moment it is over you want more and start planning the next one! I already planned to have another one and another one and... I am pretty convinced that once you try it, you might get addicted to it! I always feel like a newborn after, having tons of energy and smiling all the time. There is something about the good energy you receive in addition to the massage. If you still have doubts, give it a chance. You won't regret.

usługa: Masaż Lomi-Lomi 90min / Lomi-Lomi massage 90mins

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